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Team constitutions

My friends over at the Foggy Bottom Morris Men seem to be having a constitutional crisis they must of had a serious debate on one of their policy statements. I think the proposed Article 12 was and I quote: "Icecream is for pooftah's." For this to be even an issue for a morris team is unthinkable, icecream is definately for pooftah's. Those guys down is Washington DC with their policy statements, mission statements, Bureaucracy, goals and legalise. Us at Mason-Dixon Border Morris would never have such a problem or debate. They probably are dancing to much Cotwold and not enough Border. I wish them luck is resolving their "Issues." the only issue Mason-Dixon has is hunting season, and not shotting Uncle Just when he's dancing Abbots Bromley.

-Sincerely, Lucky Shot, Squire Mason-Dixon Border Morris

Here's what I recently got from the Foggy Bottom's Squire:

Attached are the final changes to the Constitution, as a result of last weekend’s special constitutional team meeting.

A full up or down vote on these changes, as a whole, needs to be made, before any suggestions to constitutional changes can be made.

Having said that and all votes on each proposed change have been taken and passed by majority for all issues except the proposed article 12, which lost due to a tie vote. (Even with the additional late/ after the meeting ballots).

I propose an alternate wording for article 12:

Article 12: “Since Ice cream is an inappropriate substitute for Beer at a Morris event, teams and/or persons suggesting otherwise are pooftahs.”

I intend to campaign strongly for this more legal-speak version of Article 12 as the fundamental platform plank of my re-election campaign for Squire next year.

Those who don’t support Article Twelve will be assigned horrible tasks for any and all of the upcoming ales.

Those who do support Article Twelve will be assigned plumb tasks for the upcoming ales, such as scouting for bars for the tour.
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